Moi Helsinki

Long distance relationships suck.

After not seeing each other for almost 2 months, I went to beautiful Helsinki last weekend to see/hug/kiss my missus.

Originally we decided not to see each other until Joulu (Christmas). Not because we needed a break from each other, but because we decided saving up money for our future together was a good idea. It still is to be honest, but sometimes you just need to do something impulsive for ‘the greater good’. So last Thursday I booked (too expensive) tickets to spend a prolonged weekend with each other.



It felt great to be back. A tiny bit of snow on the ground, and with temperatures around zero, the perfect winter wonderweekend. Nordic wind from Lapland does hurt your hands and ears unless you protect them. Needless to say I came unprepared. I did get some ‘lovely’ mittens from Anniina, these are gloves which cover the entire hand but do not have separate finger openings. Quite commonly used in the artic circle.


I think most of our time spend was hunting for presents, Suomi definitely participates more in the Black Friday weekend hype than Belgium. Mission accomplished, major discounts on all my favourite brands. Happy times.




Happy times indeed, also for my coffee-fix. Coffee in Brussels has been a major disappointment (except for MOK) after our Australian coffee culture experience, special mention to Melbourne where the word hipster and coffee gets a whole new meaning. Helsinki does not let you down, plenty of good cappuccino’s and other variants to be found.

Even though there’s not a lot of sunlight, the sun goes down around 3PM nowadays, there’s plenty of ways to stay entertained and be happy; meeting friends, enjoying sauna, making piparkakku, just to name a few of them …



It felt great to be back, we see each other in 24 days once again. I honestly can’t wait to celebrate my very first Christmas in Finland, home of Santa Claus.

Most definitely, better together.




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