Melbourne Market Mania

We love visiting markets, Melbourne offers plenty. Here are a few we decided to visit.

St Andrews Market

We visited this one twice, located at the footsteps of the Yarra Ranges. The first time we travelled by train to Hurstbridge, at the station we were picked up by a community bus which required a gold coin (1-2 dollar) donation. The bus is operated by local volunteers, kudos to these wonderful people.



The market itself is one big hippie gathering, truly, that’s the only way I can describe it. I see people walking around with dreadlocks, bare feet, and colourful clothing. Stalls which include fresh produce, locals and their homemade products, soul food, vegan options galore and some of the best strongest chai tea I ever drank.




A busy vibrant and earthy atmosphere indeed.

You can easily tell, this market is not for profit. Their message clearly states all profits are donated back into the local community.

A market definitely in need of a good Garlic vendor. A joke, which only our Diamond Creek family will get.

South Melbourne Market

My favourite market in Melbourne, without a doubt. A quality foodie’s paradise which I’m happy to have visited after the somewhat disappointing Queen Victoria Market.



Most interesting part for me was the SO:ME Space area of the market, a unique retail concept. A space were emerging Australian artists and designers can promote and sell their goods in an innovative environment. SO:ME refers to South Melbourne.




If you have only time to visit one, make sure it’s this one.

Queen Vict
oria Market

The biggest and oldest market, definitely the one which pops up in every tourist guide.


This is supposed to be an heritage market with an authentic atmosphere. I do agree with the heritage side of things, but authentic? Not really. A very small part of the market does it justice, but more than half of the market consists out of tourist-only stalls.

For Belgians, think Agora Gallery in Brussels.

For Finns, think of Mustamae Marketplace in Tallinn.

For anyone else, think of stores which sell single-use items, t-shirts with tacky one-liners, fake leather jackets and inexpensive DVD’s with spelling mistakes on the cover.

Nonetheless with over 600 traders, this is the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere!
Worth a visit due to the wonderful delicatessen part of the market and the fresh produce if you are around.


Market Lane Coffee, a must in Queen Victoria Market

On a grim sidenote, the market is housed on top of an old graveyard with over 9000 bodies.

Prahran Market

Located in the Southern Melbourne suburb Prahran, this market was the favourite of Anniina.


She enjoyed the open, light spaces of the market – compared to the darker alleys in South Melbourne Market she also liked. Prahran also has a nice selection of little shops and it is in an older, more interesting building.




The suburb of Prahran itself is lively and filled with cool-looking boutiques, shops and eateries. A few minutes walk from the train station it is easy to get to.

And how about listening to some music while having a bite in one of the stalls?

Not bad at all!

More posts soon!




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