So, what happens now?

It has been two and half months since returning home. Even though we still have our Aussie bank account open (Matte’s employer is still holding back 1300 dollars of pension and we are hoping it to get resolved), the sunshiny life is starting to be only a heartwarming memory.

Matthias is in Belgium, I am back here in Finland. There is 2042 kilometers between us again and we don’t know how long that is going to take.

As my equipment to get photos out of my DSLR has gone missing, I will use Helsinki photos from my Instagram account for this post

We are unlucky to have one of the most expensive connections inside Europe separating us. I can fly further away for half the price sometimes. Finnair is a great airline company, but its monopoly over this direct route forces us to see each other less than we would like.

Especially after a year of travels there is not much to take from our bank accounts. Matte surprised me by visiting for a weekend at the end of November and we will be seeing again next week. After that I am not sure yet. Hopefully in January, for sure in February.

We are both working again. Matte just got promoted to an interesting new position and it threw us off a little. I have a job only till March, so it would feel silly to throw away a wonderful opportunity like that, especially when I don’t really have much to keep me in Finland workwise.

However, nothing is simple. I don’t speak Dutch or French, which would be quite helpful to find a job in Belgium. Matte does not speak Finnish, which is almost a necessity to land a job here.

What makes it even more difficult is the fact that neither of us wants to do a pointless, unfruitful jobs. Especially I find it important to have meaningful work to do. Anything does not go. Thus, figuring all this out and how to get us to the same country, makes our heads spin sometimes.

I am excited about what the future holds for us. Of course there are moments of desperation, when it feels like we have an impossible task in front of us. But when we can pull this off, it will be a whole new page turning in our lives.

Sometimes I still wonder if we just should go back to travelling again.
I miss the freedom. I miss Australia. I miss seeing amazing things on a regular basis. I miss the people we met during our travels.

But I have also realized I have a need to try and build something more permanent, move on to the next stage of my life. That means having proper jobs somewhere in a nice city, maybe even splurging a little and buying an apartment. How middle-aged of me.

I will try to write a few posts of Helsinki, the city that I actually missed quite a bit while travelling. And who knows, maybe Matte will get so excited about Portugal he is visiting with family during New Year’s and will tell stories of it to all of us.

But for now, this blog will be less about travelling, and more about trying to connect two European souls together again.



2 thoughts on “So, what happens now?

  1. About Belgium, you may try finding a job in Brussels. They have quite a few international companies there and it’s the headquarter of the European Union ;)
    (from a Belgian girl)


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