Around Portland

The good thing about Portland is that it is located in Oregon. It is a beautiful, forestry state with opportunities for outdoorsy activities. We did a few different day trips outside of Portland this year.

A quick snap through the car window to show what you mostly see when driving around in more rural Oregon
A quick snap through the car window to show what you mostly see when driving around in more rural Oregon

Originally we were planning to go Mt. Hood all together with our hosts, but unfortunately that plan was cancelled. Mount Hood is a potentially active – though informally actually thought dormant – volcano, which is visible from Portland. I get a weirdly large amount of enjoyment every time I see its white peak in the distance.

The peak more up close

Don’t judge me too hard, I come from a flat country.

Luckily three years ago I was able to travel up to the mountain, hike up the hill and take in the gorgeous view. I was equally excited to see chipmunks – or like they called them there, “timber tigers” – running around.



All this Matte will just need to see next time.

But three years ago I also made a few trips to the Oregon Coast, where one can find massive northern beaches and little seaside towns by the Pacific Ocean. Especially Cannon Beach is known for its rock formations. Popular spot for photos and buying some saltwater taffy.


Anyhow, I got a bit sidetracked here. Back to current timeline.

What I did see last time and this year together with Matte were the Multnomah Falls.

We actually tried to go there on a Sunday and had to drive past, since the parking lot was closed due to a high amount of visitors. Tells you how popular the spot is. Wiser from that, we gave the place another go on a weekday and were more successful.

Multnomah Falls is a beutiful, almost 200 meters high, narrow waterfall. It is divided into two sections with a pond between them and a small bridge going across.




To me it always reminded of something from Lord of the Rings for some reason.


There are good opportunities for hiking up the hill, but we settled for a short hike up to the bridge. The bridge was actually closed for a few months back in 2014, when a boulder smashed through it and caused some severe damage. Lucky for us, it was all good again when we visited.

There were so many bugs inside that trunk
Water coming down the hill into this little creek is so clear

Since we could not visit Multnomah Falls the first time we tried, we drove to Fruit Loop and the Oregon orchards instead. There are several orchards, farms and wineries open for visitors to go explore the goods and buy for instance freshly picked fruits and vegetables.

First we stopped for some apples.





Our other stop we made was this wonderful farm, which had flowers and vegetables to pick, and a store full of jams, cookies and other delights. And all this in a beautiful surrounding.

Mt. Hood in the background







It was amazing, warm Fall day when we visited and I was so happy we had taken the camera with us. We spent a lovely day with the host family kids, who where cute to be so overjoyed to pick their own flowers and veggies.







City kids and adults alike were equally happy with the chosen activity. It is definitely worth venturing outside of Portland, if there is time for that.

Thank you amazing Nicole for driving us around, none of this would have been possible without you.



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