Mission District

Our headquarter for our stay in San Francisco was located in the Mission District. Absolutely horrified by the prices of accommodation we ended up booking the cheapest option we could find at the time: 130 dollars per night after all -ridiculously- high tourism tax and what not (tip: book early and don’t travel there during the biggest holiday season!).

That landed us a tiny room in an old hostel-feeling hotel on maybe one of the sketchiest blocks in San Francisco, near Mission & 16th Avenue. As one restaurant worker said to us, “the city has given up on this place”. It felt restless already during the day and sometimes just pure crazy during the night hours.

However, just a short walk away from our block and we were in a hipster’s paradise. Could not be any easier! Valencia, Guerrero and Dolores Street provided us entertainment, great food and coffee, and window shopping opportunities.







And, of course, that beautiful San Fran architecture we got to enjoy our whole stay all around the city, was also present in Mission. Streets packed with these grand, colourful wooden houses were a delight for our eyes. We were happy to see how these Victorian houses were mostly in pretty good shape, so people take care of their properties and it really does enhance the city view greatly.






Mission Districts main hub is maybe Dolores Park, which was packed on the warm Saturday we visited it. It is a big, green park with a great view to downtown San Francisco. People go there to hang out with friends, having picnics, listening to music, playing games and smoke something stronger than your average tobacco. The atmosphere was chilled and inviting for anyone to join for a lazy afternoon. We enjoyed our salted caramel ice cream while people-watching, it would be easy to get accustomed to do that on a weekly basis.



Even though during evenings and nights we would listen to the bizarre and sometimes creepy sounds of the neighbourhood, we could not have been in any better district to be in San Francisco. Fun and funky Mission is the way to go.



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