Sunshine Coast

After our tour in K’gari we drove straight to Noosa. It proved to be one of our favourite stops along the east coast. It reminded Matte quite a lot of Knokke-Heist and “Le Zoute” area: upmarket compared to any other location we had seen so far. Clean, safe, nice quality shops and cafes.

Small, but charming. Touristy, but composed.



During our first night we checked in to our Airbnb accommodation. We were quite happy to find out that our room was in a hotel-like apartment, located in a resort with a large pool area, including a pool bar. The best feature was that it was cheaper than any hostel! Of this and other things about our accommodations I will write a full blog post later.

In Noosa we did not spend much time in our room, but outside with some of our fellow dropbears from the tour. The first day we climbed a hill to get to a nice lookout, went to look for a koala in the Noosa National Park (found one!), and sat on a beach watching the sunset.




Matte building a sand “castle”


We then decided to have some BBQ in one of those public grills we have been seeing so often all around east coast. But when venturing towards to an supposedly public grill, we ended up in a pitch black forest with bizarre clicking sounds from the trees. Matte refused to continue the search, so we ended up cooking at a nearby hostel. Good enough, especially after later running into this article of the park’s dark history.

Matte and Paul having a quick dip in the ocean before the dinner

A great way to end our night was to play some card games while enjoying a few drinks. We have been carrying three games in our bags for some months now, so it was fun to use them.

The second day we were down to four, but bravely continued to explore Noosa. A ferry trip to Tewantin and back in the Noosa river was laidback and lovely, although quite steeply priced compared to many other ferry trips I have done.

River cabins

During lunch we found about the results of Brexit vote and the theme of the discussions were set for the following days. While talking about it we did another walk to the Noosa National Park, where we saw another cute and cuddle furry-gray-bear-creature aka koala. As heartwarming sight as ever.

By the evening we were down to only us three musketeers

Noosa was not our only stop on Sunshine Coast, which actually consists of several parts. After enjoying good breakfast and wonderful customer service at Bean Drop and a last board game session with the last trooper of our K’Gari tour, it was time to hop on the bus.

These buses have been one of our homes for the last month. We found it easy and comfortable way of transport, and I have managed to go to my zen place even on very long legs. Greyhound did not disappoint us.

We had a few nights stopover at Mooloolaba. We had booked a four night stay there, because Matte had planned to do his advanced open water diving course. But the weather was not on our side and the price was just too high, so a stay that long wouldn’t have been needed in the end.

Our talkative roommate Liquorice

We mostly spend our days relaxing at our amazing Airbnb house, having great chats with the owners and interacting with the house cats. If the weather would have been better, we would have done some kayaking and stand-up paddling, since the opportunity was provided by the house. Still feel a little silly to not take that free opportunity, chilly weather or not.

A typical Aussie house: water sports are a visible part of the lifestyle

To save up some dollars we mostly cooked at home. That was probably a good idea after one night’s restaurant dinner resulted in a food poisoning and “a fun night out” in the park.

In Mooloolaba we had a lovely accommodation and we had fun chats with our hosts, but out of the two locations we saw in Sunshine Coast, Noosa stole our hearts. Fair and square.



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