Agnes Water & 1770

It has been a while that we posted something, but due to non-stop travelling and the lack of decent internet connection we didn’t really have a chance. Fear not, lots of new stories and pictures are in the pipeline.

After the somewhat hectic and rainy days in Airlie Beach, our next stop was Agnes Water and the town of 1770. Two very small tourist towns, definitely more popular with locals than with backpackers.

Agnes Water, where the reef ends and the surf starts. A beautiful 5.5 km beach, it is the most northerly surfing beach along Australia’s east coast. We walked this distance barefoot twice as the beach has a dead end and there’s no way to reach the next town except for going through the dunes and bush which we were reluctant to do. So we walked back in our tracks and took the shuttle to 1770.




Seventeen Seventy, also written as 1770, built on the site of the second landing by James Cook. Originally known as Round Hill – after the creek it sits on – the name was changed in 1970 to commemorate the bicentenary of Cook’s visit.




Day two we went surfing, our first surfing experience that is, which ended for me with bruises and a sore hand after face-planting on my third wave. The scar I got during my bartender months in Sydney got too sore to continue. Anniina however enjoyed it a lot, and almost got on her feet knees, but not quite. The strong current and even stronger rip wasn’t in our favour either.


Our wonderful AirBnb hosts took us on a tour to visit the paperbark tree forest, which was impressive. We ended our stay with a visit to the local Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary and communal indoor market. For the price of 5 dollars entry we got a few glasses of wine and tasty snacks throughout the evening, which was a welcomed surprise.






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