Museum Moments

We do not always make it our thing to visit a museum when we are travelling, athough we are happy to when given the opportunity. But if we do, Matthias is more keen on visiting contemporary art museums and I tend to like edgy stuff like criminal and police museums or closed jails.

In Melbourne we were trying to visit the Victoria Police Museum, but we never made it there. With the museum closing time just less than hour away, we were already too late for the party. After spending 25 minutes walking back and forth trying to find the place, we gave up. But in case you are ever around, go have a look, with a few gold coins to spare for the entrance fee and take a look at the museum on our behalf.

Instead, we visited National Gallery of Victoria aka NVG twice and Heide Museum of Modern Art a bit further north from the city. We almost did not visit the Heide Museum at all, since our first attempt to go there was a fail. We borrowed bicycles from our lovely hosts and after travelling 2/3 of our 19 kilometer trip, my bike got a flat tire.

Being wiser the next time, we just took the train.

National Gallery of Victoria

But first, let’s have a look at the NGV. We visited the museum with our wonderful neighbours, so thank you for the company Ben and Nat!

DSC_0123 (1)

We visited the museum when they had Andy Warhol / Ai Weiwei exhibition. We spend a few hours exploring the art and message of two great artists. Warhol died in 1987, Weiwei is still alive and very much kicking. He is a versatile artist and a well-known activist in China. The exhibition looked at them both individually, but also how their work correlated with each other.




Ai Weiwei and familiar Finnish landmark

A lovely feature was a Studio Cats, which was made especially for kids and families. All along the main exhibition and elsewhere in the museum they had info plaques for children, which I as well very much enjoyed reading. It is a great way to make art more approachable for youngsters.

Me and Matte had fun using the Andy Warhol Photobooth at Studio Cats.

Heide Museum of Modern Art

To the Heide Museum of Modern Art we finally made it on our last day in Diamond Creek. Wanting to make sure we would make it there, we hopped on a train. One hour later we arrived to the museum, which consists out of a 15 acre outdoor sculpture park and three galleries. Two of the exhibition spaces used to be homes for the Reed couple, who took in struggling artists and supported them.






Heide is just not any museum, it is historically significant area for modern art in Australia.
Reeds did saw Heide as a public museum, but they both died shortly afterwards in December 1981. They are remembered as patrons of modern art and literature.




We were fortunate enough to be guided by an extremely kind and helpful volunteer Ron, who showed us around. I do not always understand what I am seeing, so I was happy to be guided through the art pieces. He also gave us insight to the overall cultural significance of the place itself, which made us see the Heide Museum in a completely different light: it is so much more than just a modern art museum.



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