Bits and Pieces

Time in Melbourne just flew by. I swear it was just two days ago, when I told Matthias how we only have two weeks left here.

And now we are are leaving on Wednesday morning.

The last days have been busy. We have been to the city, trying to see our favourite places once more or visit the last few sights we still needed to see. We made a day trip to south of Melbourne on Sunday, visiting Mornington Peninsula by car. We have watched live footy in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and biked along the bike trails in Diamond Creek.

We went to see some Australian Rules Football (AFL aka footy), which is massively popular especially in Melbourne
MCG, the home of cricket during summer, and footy during winter


Matte catching up with Keith Haring

The last weeks have been wonderful. I must admit, Melbourne has been more interesting – or more my kind of city at least than Sydney. It might lack the wow-effect Sydney (Harbour) has, but Melbourne makes up for it with its endless charm.



Matte has really started to enjoy his cups of coffee in Australia

Today was the last day for us to spend in the city, and we will miss it.

Looks like this couple got pretty wonderful wedding pictures



Next stop will be Adelaide. We have heard all kinds of comments of this little town city. Even though one day has been said to be enough to explore everything Adelaide has to offer – comments made lovingly, of course – we are going all out and spending 3,5 days. It will be our only visit to the state of South Australia, so gotta make it count, right?

On Saturday we will hop on the plane again and head to Alice Springs. From there we will take part on our first group tour, which will take us camping to Uluru for a few nights. We are not expecting our phones to have much coverage there, so moms, just hang in there. We will be out of the Australian desert first of June, when we find ourselves in Cairns. Looking forward to complaining how it is too hot again.

But before that we will have to survive, 8 degrees, sleeping outside in a sleeping bag. Desert or not, the nights are cold this time of the year in the Northern Territory!

Our iconic Diamond Creek view

There you go, some bits and pieces of information of the past and the future. One thing is certain: the travelling really begins, from now on we will only spend a few days in each location. It will be a completely new chapter on this book of awesomeness.




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