This is Melbourne, part 2

Melbourne is quirky architecture and bold details. Like I wrote on Part 1 the city is mix of old and new, traditional and modern. In the city center, everywhere you go there are buildings with imaginitive details, bright colours and edgy angles. Must admit not everything I have seen has been my liking.

Southbank Theatre
Matte liked this mix of new and old, to me it is hard to unsee kaalimato (a Finnish porn store that advertises after hours on tv, and has a logo quite similar to the green edge)



The Centre Place Mall and Station has a sharp glass dome
The view inside the dome is quite surprising

Melbourne is Yarra River. The significance of the river to the area is enormous, since it has provided food, a good ground for agriculture and also played a big role during the gold rush. The city has grown around the Yarra River ever since late 19th Century, starting from Yarra Valley and flowing towards the sea for about 240 kilometers.



There are so many different kind of bridges for pedestrians and bikers to get across the river
The riverside is very pedestrian friendly and a good place for a lovely stroll


Many cities located next to the sea have their central points closer to the shore and harbours. But for Melbourne the centre point is more around the river.


Melbourne is food.

Ohh the food!

There are so many places to eat that a backpacker budget and 5 weeks are not enough to get even the slightest idea. We have not been eating out much to be honest. If we have, we have chosen places where you can get a main course with less than 20 dollars (around 13 euros), and even that is pushing it.

But there are still many good places with that price, for example Brunswick Street is filled with inviting places to eat. That is where we have had wonderful tapas with a view to the city at Naked for Satan, and on that street is where Matte tasted the combination of fried chicken, waffles and maple syrup for the first time – and of course loved it!

The view at Naked for Satan
The food. Amazing, affordable tapas when you time your visit well.

But the prices can be pretty hefty as well and sometimes we will have to spend some time to find a place that suits our requirements, but like with other things in Melbourne, there is something for everyone. The best way to save from the cost is to skip the alcohol, since it easily costs you the same amount as your main course.

Many of the tourists seemed to end up eating on Lygon Street, which is in Carlton. The area is sometimes called Little Italy and it lived up to the name: it was filled with Italian restaurants. We enjoyed the street and its cute shops, but we chose not to eat there. It was like we had ended back in Europe. Long rows of restaurant with plastic chairs, plastic table cloths, touristy prices and someone at the door shoving a menu to your hands.


Good lucking finding parking on this busy street

But there were cool-looking places too. If it was not for our backpacker budget, we would have definitely found a nice place to eat there. The busy street is nevertheless worth checking out.

Melbourne is not only about restaurants, but also about wonderful cafes, sweet pastries and great cups of coffee.

I am making sure Matte is fed..
…and regularly hydrated.
This is how “Drink the coffee, but make sure the text show” looks like

Melbourne is markets, parks and beaches. But I spend so much space on writing about food, that those will have to wait the next time.



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