St Kilda the Beautiful

A beautiful suburb, south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. One of our first Melbourne day trips, a sunny autumn day at the beach indeed.



Some history behind the name of St Kilda.

St. Kilda was named by Charles La Trobe, the first governor of Victoria. Lady of St Kilda was a schooner (boat) which was anchored near the main beach for some months. It became the icon of the area and thus the name.

On a sidenote, Governor Charles La Trobe was the nephew of British architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe, designer of United States Capitol on “Capitol Hill”. Benjamin has been called the “Father of American Architecture”.

Back to St. Kilda. We had a stroll along the pier, centre of recreational activity in St Kilda since the 1850’s. Near the pier you can also spot penguins during sunset.


Since Melbourne is located on a bay, the water is quite still.


We also made a visit to the Luna Park, a historic amusement park. Including the Scenic Railway (1912), which is the oldest continuously operating roller coaster in the world (fun fact). Of course we had to try it, also due to good memories at now a 56-year-old wooden roller coaster at Linnanmaki amusement park in Helsinki.




We feel that we have not seen all of what St. Kilda has to offer, we plan to go back.





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