Lazy Days

Today I cleaned up the house. I did the dishes, emptied the washing machine, folded laundry, vacuumed the house and did some overall tidying (like a good wife should do said Matte). While I was doing this, my mind was at ease. I realized I have reached that point in laziness, when actually doing something productive makes you feel relaxed.

I have been feeling so lazy and relaxed, that I have almost felt guilty for it.

And don’t get me wrong, feeling bored does not have anything to do with this. I have enjoyed my lazy mornings, afternoons, and evenings very much. After the intensity of Sydney it has been so good to just do nothing or do a little something when you feel like it.

Melbourne city from St. Kilda


This is what many people expect backpacking to be, I guess. Loitering around, going where ever our noses point to, whenever we choose to. Chilling like never before. Being unproductive and wild and unresponsible, but seeing some amazing places while at it.

The reality for us was quite the contrary, even though we were without a job for a month or so in Sydney. But that time was nothing but relaxed, since the pressure of finding work was heavy on our shoulders. The knowledge of that was always in the back of our heads, since we knew that the only way to land a job was to be persistant and just keep on sending applications.

But here in Diamond Creek it has been o.k. not to do anything and just spend a whole day inside cuddling with the cats and play video games. You can’t be out and about constantly to explore this amazing country, you do need quiet days to keep on going. Plus staying home has a practical side too. Frankly put every day we spend at home, we save money.


Mr. Matte pictured through a watery glass


We have been seeing the city of Melbourne and the surrounding areas of Diamond Creek, of course.

We have visited St. Andrews Farmer’s Market twice, Yarra Valley Chocolate factory and some wineries. We have seen St. Kilda beach and rode the world’s oldest rollercoaster in Luna Park. We have seen stand up comedy at Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We have ran and walked around the neighbourhood, seen Andy Warhol / Ai Wei Wei exhibition at National Victoria Gallery, had delicious food at a quirky back alley bar, and enjoyed a glass of wine and food with friends. And of course, we have taken tons of pictures of cool neighbourhoods like Fitzroy in the big city.


Views at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

And there is still so much to see and do, in and out of central Melbourne. About 4 weeks to go and it should be enough to do everything with our own, lazy pace. Backpacking in style.

Rhubarb Pie at a cute Alimentari Food Store on Smith Street


Trams on Smiths Street made me think of Helsinki

One thing has to be said, though. A lot of the things we have done during the last weeks are due to our wonderful neighbours, Ben and Natalie. They have driven us around and shared good meals and drinks with us. So on a scale of awesome, Natalie and Ben, you guys are Diamond.



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