Welcome to Melbourne

…the greatest city in the world. Or so we have been told! So far looking very good.

We are actually staying a bit outside of Melbourne in Diamond Creek, next to a well-known wine region Yarra Valley. Again we were incredibly lucky to find an amazing place to stay for 5 weeks and take care of two lovely cats. We have wonderful hosts and great neighbours, who all have made us feel so welcome.

But in the spirit of our time in Sydney, here are our two furry flatmates:

Meet Lulu. This beautiful Queen Bee is a very social cat. She enjoys being petted and is likely to find her way into our laps for some cuddling time, purring loudly while at it. Lulu also plays with us and comes along sometimes when we do tasks around the house and the yard.


Meet Coco. This sweetheart is a bit more reserved than Lulu, but still a lot more social than many other cats I know. She will be quite talkative when she would like to have some kangaroo meat. At times, during the early hours of the day, Coco will come sleep on top of our legs and that is the time when she enjoys being petted.


We also have a flock of Cockatoos and a few Australian magpies visiting us daily. Especially the cockatoos are a fun bunch and quite social, even though they do keep their distance except for a few brave ones.



Compared to our last stay in Sydney, this is a completely different experience when we think about we were are staying. Newtown was urban and central, Diamond Creek is in the Australian bush where it is quiet and peaceful. Both options has been great to be honest. We have felt so at ease here having all the nature around us. The house we are staying at is on top of a hill, so the view is quite amazing.


“Silmä lepää” = “The Eye is Resting” like we would say in Finnish. What it practically means is that you are watching something so nice, that even your eyes can rest while watching at it. It is what I keep thinking when I have a cup of coffee on the balcony here at Diamond Creek.

Magpies enjoy staring at you while doing the dishes
Miss Coco overseeing our work with feeding the birds

We have been out in the city too, but I will let Matte tell you more about that, and about our interaction with other humans and not just animals.

Until next time,




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