Farewell Sydney

Last week in Sydney was busy. We tried to go and see everything we haven’t had time for and also re-visit some places like Bondi Beach and Queen Victoria Building. We took a bunch of pictures, more than we have in many months. You will be seeing a few those pictures right now.


City Recital Hall Angel Place
An alley near the China Town


Our last night in Sydney we spent at The Cut, to say thank you to our awesome flatmate Matt for having us at his home. We have been incredibly lucky with the people we have met, there is no way around it.

Taking pictures of your iced chai latte like a true hipster
Carriageworks Saturday Market, which we visited several times


On Sunday morning we woke up 4 am in the morning to catch our plane to Melbourne. Everything went smoothly, we kissed the dogs goodbye, the taxi arrived a bit early and in the rush of getting everything out I closed to front door before taking my purse out of the house.

So there we were, 4.30 am, taxi driver waiting, and my purse with all my money inside the house. After panicking for a moment we realised that there is nothing we can’t survive without, so we just left to the airport.

Matte was annoyed because of the extra hassle and stress,  and I was upset over forgetting something so important, and also about leaving the tail-wagging friends behind. Not the best way to spend our last moments in the city, which had been our home for the last 6 months.


Sydney CBD pictured from the Opera House


Old wharves in Miller’s Point changed into apartment buildings and spaces for small businesses

After take-off we got a really amazing view to the Sydney Harbour from the airplane. A bit further away we saw the Bondi Beach and then Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge behind, which definitely was a fun way to say goodbye to the city. Still, at the airplane I might have shed a few tears, since I was sad about leaving Sydney and the dogs and all our new Sydney friends behind.


Two seagulls fighting over a shrimp at Darling Harbour

But all that is part of travelling. We knew there would be people we are sad to say goodbye to and that there would be mistakes made and unexpected moments of chaos. But as it is with travelling, seeing all the new amazing places and meeting all the new amazing people makes it always better. The last few days in Melbourne has been wonderful.

But more of that later, now it is time to say: thank you Sydney, thank you Matt. Farewell.






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