Flashback Friday

Only a few days left before we leave beautiful Sydney behind and travel on to hipster Melbourne.
I’m looking forward to my stay in Diamond Creek at the Yarra Valley, home of some great Australian wines. Can’t wait to visit some of these vineyards, cellar doors and wineries.

As our time together has been scarce due to having different rosters, we have made the most out of it. Some weeks ago we had a nice day off together exploring some of Sydney’s modern architecture, more my thing than hers. But I compensated that with Asian food and delicious cakes (always works for some reason).

Near Central Station, you cannot miss this massive residential building with a glimmering terrace, created by Jean Nouvel, a Pritzker Prize-winning architect. This building (One Central Park) is only the first of many. The whole area is steadily being developped into an urban green oasis by some of the most renowned architects such as Nouvel, but also Foster and partners.



We both wondered what the shiny squares were about, and after some research it seems that they are motorised mirrors that capture sunlight. The rays then are directed down onto Central Park’s gardens. After dark the structure is a canvas for a light installation.


The stunning Engineering and IT building, the single-largest facility to be constructed under UTS’s $1 billion City Campus Master Plan. The building, designed by Melbourne-based architects Denton Corker Marshall, is surrounded by an aluminium ‘binary screen’ and features state-of-the-art teaching, learning and research spaces throughout.


The panels are perforated using a binary code pattern that spells out the name University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, and allow light to enter the interior.

Vertical creases and slices are designed to create the impression of gills, “symbolically allowing the building to breathe”.




Next up is the ‘squashed brown paper bag’ designed by Frank Gehry, architect most famous for the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. The Dr Chau Chak Wing building is the home of the UTS Business School, featuring 300.000 custom made bricks. Beautiful curves deliver a dreamy feeling all around. Anniina described it more like something out of a nighmare however. Each to their own, right?




In the midst of this all you have the UTS Tower, constructed in ’69 , and widely regarded as Sydney’s ugliest building.

“Conspicious, defiant and detested”
“A menacing concrete monolith in an architectural genre that the old East German Stasi brought to perfection”

And the critics are still being nice.


We ended our day with dinner at Spice Alley, and some ridiculously good looking dessert.


Flat of (y)our dreams?


More on Sunday!



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