Autumn has arrived

Less than one week of work left here in Sydney, where Autumn has arrived and leaves are starting to fall to the ground. Easter went by quickly, both of us working as much as possible. Four days of public holiday and thus double pay made it all worth our trouble. We have been working hard and after this one final push, we are done for now.

We might look into some temporary work opportunities in Melbourne, since the extra cash would not hurt. It is not something we are relying on, though.

Sunrise 1/3/2016. I have so many pictures of the Opera House that I have lost count.

A week before Easter we both had a flu. I took the worst hit and ended up taking one full day off and one half day, after I returned to work feeling still too sick. That one extra day of rest did a world of difference though, since the next day I was like a new person.

That brings me to health care here in New South Wales, Australia. Matte has been to the hospital due to the cut in his hand, I visited to check up on a pain in my ribs (everything okay, just a muscle strain) and again to get a doctor’s certificate because of my flu. Especially my experiences were really good.

We both have a Medicare card due to both Belgium and Finland having an contract with Australia. It means we are both covered to use the public health care system the same way as an Australian Citizen. Both times during my visits I was in and out in 15 minutes without any appointment. In Finland I am used to reserve time at least an hour, even if I have an appointment…

There are different kind and plenty of medical centers available and I chose one that offers bulk billing option. That means I do not have to pay anything myself, where as in some places you might have to pay the whole sum or part of it during your visit, and later claim the money back from the government.

I actually had to had my ribs checked more throughougly in another centre which did not have bulk billing. But the claim process was incredibly easy too: I created an application with an mobile phone app, took a picture of the bill and a few days later the money was back on my account. Very techsavvy with some things, these Australian bureaucrats.


Even with our highly positive experiences with the public health care system here in Australia, let’s hope those visits where the last needed during our travels. Although we both have some flu symptoms again, it should not be anything a cup of hot tea won’t cure.

This little guy kept me entertained when I was sick


After all, flu and Autumn weather goes hand-in-hand together. Well, at least in our parts of Europe, where Fall actually means cooler temperatures, frisky wind and cold rain… Here it has been rainy at times, yes, but also days with sunny weather of +20 to +30 degrees. Like Summer and Christmas, Autumn and this weather is as confusing for my limited brain capacity to understand sometimes. And what about Easter and Autumn…

Confusing times, hey?




One thought on “Autumn has arrived

  1. Beautiful pictures and especially the dog <3 <3 <3 Looking for new adventures there in the fall!


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