Harmony at The Grounds

“If you like Brewtown Newtown, you will like The Grounds of Alexandria. It is as hipster as it gets.”

One co-worker of mine mentioned there is a place I might like. And since Brewtown Newtown is our most frequently visited breakfast place, on Valentine’s Day we finally took on the task to see what the Grounds is about. The Grounds of Alexandria is in the middle of nothing industrial area, so you won’t just accidentally wander there while exploring the neighbourhoods. The Grounds is a combination of a cafeteria and two restaurants. On Sundays they also have separate little food stalls.

The whole place was filled with people on Valentine’s Day, and understandably so. It was magical! Even the high volume of people did not affect the peaceful feeling the surrounded the area, it was like stepping into a different world. They have really thought about every single detail, which is just lovely.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.




Mr. Bacon and fluffy chickens


We are hoping to get a chance to visit the Grounds once more before leaving Sydney behind. That time the goal is to visit during the evening, so we would see it lit up with all the lights around the area. Should be a wonderful sight!




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