Silver lining

The day Matthias agreed on doing 110 hours of work during the next two weeks, he cut his hand. I got off from work and found a text from my phone saying that he is in the hospital getting his hand stiched. 110 hours of pay changed into payless sick leave in a heartbeat.

Matte had been making an espresso martini when the glass broke and cut a gaping hole to his hand. He had managed to cut to the muscle as well. Due to the location of the wound, the doctors could only put two stiches to make sure he will regain the normal movement of the thumb. It has now been 9 days and the stiches are going off tomorrow. It is amazing how fast the skin heals itself.

Sydney Park during sunset

But as so often, when bad things happen, something good can come out of it too. We went to have a bite after the stiches and ended up chatting with two American jazz musicians. For our surprise they ended up paying for our dinner, which was such a kind act. It made our day. Maybe they felt bad for our little Matte, who in the end had to stop eating after one bite. All the medication earlier made him too nauseous.

The plate that ended up in a doggy bag

I, on the other hand, broke my phone a little before all that happened. Apple’s gift to the world aka iPhone dropped on the floor and half of the screen went dead. But like I said, good things can come out of bad. My insurance came with a positive answer 5 hours later and I was able to buy a new phone, which I have been learning to use during the last few days. Never thought I would buy a Motorola, but here I am, happy with the new phone.

This week we finally made a trip to the Blue Mountains, which is a two hour train drive a way from Sydney. We stayed one night at a hostel and hiked in the mountains and rain forest for two days. It was a fun trip and a welcomed change to the city life – and after all, we have not been outside of Sydney besides that before!

Happy  hikers at Blue Mountains

But since I have been writing about the silver lining of things, there is an example from Blue Mountains as well. We were returning from our hike from the mountains, legs shaking and tired from the insane amount of stairs in the rainforest. Being stupid city people we had gone out without a bottle of water, which has made has beyond thirsty. And then suddenly an empty hop on hop off tourist bus stopped next to us and the driver said “today is your lucky day”. He offered us a ride back to the center and a bottle of water. Could not have asked for more.

But more of that tomorrow – stay tuned.





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