The Work in Working Holiday

I must admit, yesterday at work I had a hard time to stay positive. Normally I succeed leaving my bad mood outside of work, but man was it tough yesterday. I just could not get over the frustration of having two shifts in a row with not enough people working. We had people sick and some people having to leave early due to various reasons. Aside from a few breaks the flow of customers was constant.

My current work in many ways is identical with my previous job of 6 years while I was studying back in Finland. Thus I sometimes get a feeling that I am right back where I started, like I never moved on. Also being back in basic customer service job reminds me why I was so much happier to do something else. It is incredible how condescending some people can be when they are speaking to a customer service person.

So, at times, I do find myself thinking “I am too old for this”.

Waking up for work 5.30 am has its benefits.

I know Matte is struggling to keep up the good spirits as well. Even though he does about 10 ten hours less than I on a two weeks period, he often has to do 6 shifts a week. That does take the “holiday” out of “working holiday” quite efficiently. Luckily he got some new challenges which does help to keep pushing through. I really needed all that training to other departments too, since it opened a door to a bit more versatile tasks.

Where we spend the a lot of time - the train station.
Where we spend the a lot of time – the train station.

But this is all what we signed up for. It is great that we get to work here and save up some money for the holiday part later on. I do not think we will quite get where we wanted to with the savings, but it has to be enough. It has been great to get to know one city well and get to live normal life for a while. And meet some great people while at it! But I guess what we both have noticed is that we do yearn for some more complex tasks.

I have enjoyed my work the most when it has been difficult. This experience has been a good reminder that for the last two years I have been on a good track and that is what I need to keep on doing once this working holiday is over.

Sydney Opera House at 6.30 am
Sydney Opera House at 6.30 am

I am not sure if we will work after Sydney. We might try to get a few shifts here and there, but at the same time it is not something we are relying on. At least I know that Matte is really looking forward to not having to shave anymore, since for his work he has to do that every two days. He has been threathening  saying he will not shave his beard not even once after Sydney. Looking forward to the pictures from September (not)…

Time to leave for work. Enjoy your Wednesday!




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