The Art of the Brick

This post is long overdue as we visited the DC Comics exhibition a month ago but we both forgot posting about it.

We wanted to visit the Powerhouse Museum already in October but decided to wait until The Art of the Brick: DC Comics exhibition was being held. As Anniina (don’t look at me) is a geek for anything superhero-related.




The exhibition started with an introductionary video about what it is about and why the artist, Nathan Sawaya, chose the legendary Lego bricks as material to build up his pieces of art. We were both in awe seeing all kinds of life-sized statues, sculptures, posters, and comic book covers made up out of hundreds of thousands bricks.



IMG_8702 (2)

A truly unique experience, and definitely a different kind of contemporary art than what I’m used to. Personally I loved the small notes next to every piece elaborating what this super hero and/or villain means to the artist and why he chose to interpret it the way he did.




The Powerhouse Museum offered other, free exhibitions as well. There were some interactive parts, mostly for the younger visitors. We spend half a day at the museum, exploring the wide range of exhibitions.





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