Very Manly

Day off, together, always a special occasion! Add 27 degrees and no clouds , the perfect combination to visit laid-back Manly.

This morning we took the ferry from Sydney Harbour to Manly, a popular base for the board-riding fanatics.

We strolled around The Corso, a pedestrian route from the ferry terminal to Manly’s ocean beach. Surf shops galore alongside man(l)y pubs, which were overcrowded today due to The Superbowl!


Scandinavian breakfast at Fika was next up, this place was definitely a hidden gem. Swedish books on a shelf up for loan, very rustic and minimalistic atmosphere and beyond great food (and coffee)!


Renting bicycles to visit North Head with its dramatic cliffs, lookouts and wonderful views was a good decision, as it was miles away. While riding our bikes in this sweaty weather on too many hills, we managed to visit Q Station and its graveyard. Used to isolate and bury epidemic-disease carriers during the 19th century.


Getting rid of the bikes and annoying helmets (which ruined Annina’s hair and mine), we headed to Shelly Beach as Anniina wanted to swim while I enjoyed a glass of wine at The Boathouse.

A day well spent.



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