Plans and more plans

We have been putting more and more time thinking about the time after Sydney, but also on how to spend our last few months here.

It is ridiculously hard to arrange time from our jobs to have:
1. two consecutive days without work
2. at the same time.
This and the two following weeks Matte is covering for someone else, so he is pulling more hours than normally. I have been doing maximum hours for the last 1,5 months (my contract won’t allow me to do any more than 77 hours forthnightly). But at least it means that I get to see my favourite view of Sydney many, many times every week! I will never get bored of seeing the Sydney Harbour with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Makes me so happy every time.

The view to the Sydney Harbour from the Harbour Bridge.

We also had been planning to do a few days surfing course in Manly northern Sydney, but seems it impossible to arrange. Hopefully we will get to do that when we travel the East Coast. What is the point of coming to Australia, if you don’t try surfing right?

So when February will still be about work, March has to be about touristy things in Sydney. Luckily a ferry takes to Manly in 30 minutes, so it will be an easy day trip to do. Blue Mountains we will do our best to see in March and even spend a night somewhere nearby. There sould be amazing places to hike and natural caves to explore.

Located on the Rocks where we both work, it was easy to go do an escape room before work. So far done two of them at Paniq Room and loved both times. What happens is that they lock you in a room, and solving different kind of puzzles, you try to get out of the room in less than an hour. First time we failed, second time we just made it. Thanks mom for the Christmas present!

What happens after Sydney then?

Next stop will be Melbourne. Today we purchased our tickets there. A week or two ago we also bought tickets to US in mid-July. It is now certain that we will travel the West Coast of US and end up doing an actual round-the-world trip. Pretty exciting! Never thought that would happen.

On Monday we had a few hours trip exploring the architecture. Behind me a building I felt was nightmarish and Matte was really excited about. I am sure he will write a full post of what we saw that day.

But time to focus on now and make some makaroonilaatikko, since that was Matte wanted to eat once he gets off from work.

I will finish the post with the picture of the main man himself:

Mr. Bartender with a small work-related injury



One thought on “Plans and more plans

  1. (Y) :) hope you are enjoying the life down there. Nope, I didn’t reed the text, no time for that right now ;)


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