Straya Day

A few days ago we celebrated the official National Day of Australia. Celebrated on the 26th of January, it marks the arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships here in New South Wales.

Nowadays it’s more of a celebration for the Australian diverse society and national landscape. Although it needs to be said that there are controversy regarding Australia Day too. Some people call it with names like “Invasion Day”, referencing to Indigenous Australians, who are said to have lost the sovereign rights to their lands and the right to practise their culture. To honour this aspect we were able to spot some Australian Aboriginal Flags around the city – one on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge alongside with the Australian National Flag.


It’s also a day with community awards, and citizenship ceremonies welcoming new immigrants into the Australian community. This year, not surprisingly, a lot of those immigrants were from Syria.

Here in Sydney, the whole Sydney harbour area was packed with people dressed up in national colours and football jerseys. Flags, umbrella’s, all kinds of gadgets including inflatable kangaroos, you name it.



We strolled around in the CBD, climbed on top of the (Harbour Bridge) Pylon lookout to see the view to the city, and enjoyed plenty of sunshine and a nice glass of wine at the Sydney Opera House. The whole city centre was filled with stages and different kind of music for free.





I also tried to glue an Australian flag to Anniina’s cheek – twice -, but that didn’t work out well.



Anniina had a day off, I opted for working in the evening (due to double pay), but we managed to catch some late night fireworks at Darling Harbour followed up with mediocre Asian food at Chinatown with Anniina’s co-workers. We have never seen fireworks as often as we have in Sydney.

On a sidenote both of us are looking forward to the Deadpool movie, we are such geeks.

Happy Australia Day!




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