Last weeks

Random pictures from the last two weeks.

Nothing special has happened during the last weeks, just everyday life. We have both been working 5 to 6 times per week. For me it is easier to get better hours, since I can get longer shifts. I am also going to be trained to a new department, which means a bit better pay and better hours. It means I did not participate on the barista course in November for nothing, since I will be making coffees. Quite happy about that!  

When I worked in a cafe 9 years ago, I did enjoy making those lattes and cappuccinos. A lot of learning ahead of me though, since Aussies have their flat whites and black longs – even the latte is made differently than what I was taught in Finland. Although I received my Finnish training 10 years ago, so many things might have changed… I am also slightly worried about serving the customers. Sometimes they use terms I have never heard of. Once a customer clearly got annoyed I could not understand her (only one term was unfamiliar to me), and was being quite bitchy about it. Normally there are no problems, but it does feel annoying, that even after this time I still sometimes struggle to find words and form correct sentences. How long does it take to master a language? Too long!

Next week Matte cannot work, since he has not received his new RSA card. Everyone working with alcohol needs that card, so until he receives it, it is holiday time for Matte. He seems to be fine with the idea.

Besides working we have mainly been spending time home. Doing long evening work and/or long hours is quite tiring, and there has not been too much energy to do much else. We still have not had proper day offs together, so that does limit our options as well. Still we have managed to get a few beach days, which has been lovely. Coogee Beach has been good to us.

Being in the sun can be so relaxing. But I have found to enjoy the water equally much. Matte thinks it is too cold so I have mainly been swimming on my own. I easily spend an hour in the water. It has not been swimming that much though, just playing with the waves. But those waves… Wow. You can’t understand the force before you go into the water. Even in the shore, if you are not prepared, the waves will do whatever they want with you. So far I have hit my head once to the ground when a wave knocked me off my feet.


Maroubra Beach on a cloudy evening
We have started to think about the time after Sydney. Just general plans and ideas, nothing will be set to stone yet. Except our departure from Sydney: as soon as possible after April 9th. By that time we have been in Sydney full 6 months and will be considered as residents for tax purposes – financially beneficial position to be.

But that still means we have about 13 weeks to go in this lovely city. There are still lot for us to do: Blue Mountains, Manly beach, surfing courses, northern Sydney, day trips to national parks, Star Wars Burlesque show…

We will get back to all those once as soon as possible.



One thought on “Last weeks

  1. It’s so easy to go and look towards the future and start thinking about next moves -too early. The longer you stay, the longer the “last season” lasts. Try clinging to every day things and not look too much ahead. It’s difficult, but more fun. 😊


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