Sydney NYE

What has to be said first is that the Sydney fireworks are a massive, highly anticipated event here. Although my co-worker speculated that locals are not among those people camping days before the event to make sure they get the front row seats, I do not think that all those thousands are just tourists. In total the fireworks gathers around million spectators.

The main fireworks happens at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but the Opera House and surrounding areas play a crucial part too. The competition for the viewing spots is hard and the city is divided into different areas with fences. Some areas you get a free access, but to some you have to pay a fee to get in.

Many of the bars and restaurants with a view to the fireworks offer tickets (normally starting from around 100 euros and up). Boat parties around the Bridge are very popular too – with a high price, of course. Access to the area is restricted and no private boats were allowed.

On New Year’s Eve I had a morning shift and Matte had an evening shift. We had talked about trying to see the fireworks, since after all we were here in Sydney and it would be once-in-a-lifetime chance. But we had not made any specific plans, since it felt like excessive amount of work to make anything happen.

So we knew that all the best places would be reserved from the early hours onwards. Areas that would get full would also be closed from entry, so there would be no point to even try around 11 pm when Matte would be finished with work. The morning of 31st we woke up to the reality that we could not push back plan making anymore: decisions would have to be made. During my lunch break we speculated what the best option would be. We even started to give up on the fireworks and decided to find something more certain to do.

After several failed plans I finished work thinking we were still clueless what to, only to find a text message from Matthias. He wrote he had a treat for me and that he had everything figured out. “Wear your black dress” was enough clues for me to figure out we were probably heading somewhere festive.



So Matte had decided that if we were to see the fireworks, just better to make sure we will see them properly.

We ended up spending the New Year’s Eve at a rooftop party with a direct view to the Bridge and Opera House. We had sparkling and cocktail bites, a well respected house DJ* and a space, that was limited only for 500 people. The event was held on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Arts at Circular Quay station. Could not ask for more.

The fireworks were big and a lot of fun to watch.

But truth to be told, I am not sure if any fireworks in the world are worth of waiting two days in a tent. Or even one day. Or 10 hours. But that is just me.

We danced till 3 am. The streets were still full of people and many of the bigger streets only reserved for pedestrians. After enjoying some Maccas sitting on the street it was time to head for home.


It will be extremely hard to top this NYE. Maybe New York next year would offer a good competition…

Happy New Year!


*(Matte clarifies: DJ = Yousef, founder of Circus Recordings (e.g. Carl Cox)).



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