The Force Awakens

This post won’t include any spoilers related to the movie, although any real fan of the series (like Anniina) should have seen the newest Star Wars movie a week ago!


For over a month we have seen all kind of commercials all over the place in all kind of forms, the hype is real, and rightfully so.

A bit more than a week ago we went to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens at IMAX, Darling Harbour. The biggest IMAX screen in the world! We were not disappointed, in my opinion a clever, easy accessible movie for those who are not familiar with the Star Wars saga. JJ Abrams (he is the guy who made Star Trek fun after all) didn’t let us down.

Most protagonists were good actors, quite a few nods to the original trilogy as well. No super long and unnecessary dialogues either, thank fuck. A worthy sequel, and we both are looking forward to the next two movies.

A few days earlier her birthday present arrived, a mini BB-8 droid, controlled through an app on your phone or tablet. Heaps of fun (if there is no dog hair on the wooden floor), original sounds, as fast as a bicycle and just super cute :o



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