Taronga Zoo

Last month we spent one lovely day at the Taronga Zoo in Northern Sydney. It is just a 15-minutes ferry trip away from Sydney CBD. The ferry trip itself is a great start for the day trip, since it goes right past the Sydney Opera House and we were provided with a great view to the city.





We had pre-purchased the tickets to get access to the zoo and a Wild Ropes climbing courses. To our surprise it also included to use the cable cars to get a quicker access to the zoo spreading across a hill. The cable car ride itself is called a Sky Safari, since you get a view to the zoo and its animal habitants from above. Already at this point we felt we were in for a treat with the view, since you can see the city of Sydney in the background the whole time during the stay in the zoo.



First we headed off to Wild Ropes to basically climb in the trees on top of the animal cages. Quite an unique locations for a climbing course like that and we had a lot of fun doing it. Unfortunately no cameras allowed, so to give you an idea what we did here is a picture of the courses from the ground:


We had purchased two out of four courses and were happy with that. Our hands were tired enough after the two courses, since you really need to put some effort into not slipping off the obstacles. I must admit I felt even a bit scared at points, but still found myself wishing the second course would have been even higher from the ground. A fun experience nevertheless!

After climbing in the trees it was time for the fluffy animals. In Taronga Zoo you could get a chance to hang out with koalas, feed giraffes and penguins, or hold a snake – with an extra fee, of course. We decided to leave that for later when we travel the East Coast. Plenty of time to hug koalas later.

And speaking of koalas:


Look at that cutiepie face!

Have another one:


Third time’s the charm!


We were quite happy to see koalas. Looking forward to give them a hug, eventhough I have also heard that they have a pretty distinctive, strong smell. But who cares, it is a koala bear!

There were other animals too. Like kangaroos. Why was it the first time in my life when I heard of tree-kangaroos? If you have not heard about them either, here are some facts. I did not get a pictures of those furry creatures, but did hang out with a few more typical ones.



He had an itchy bum right when I was taking a picture. Pure coincidence or he was telling us what he thinks about bunch of tourists inferring with his lazy day.

Can’t really blame him, since it was a hot day. We took our time wandering around the zoo, taking in the great view and watching the animals.



Taronga Zoo is a really well-kept zoo with a feeling of respect for the animals. The cat area was very quiet and we saw none, but apparently they are currently building an area for tigers.




Big cats or not, once again we had a great time.

It is the first day of summer here in Australia. So Happy Summer ya’ll!




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