Bondi to Coogee

One thing to do in Sydney is definitely the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. It lasts about 6 kilometers and features the main beaches in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and all the beautiful nature between them.

We started our walk at Bondi Beach.

Bondi on a quiet Spring day


Bondi Beach is probably Australia’s best known beach, it even has it own tv show “Bondi Rescue”. That show actually taught me about the treacherous currents you might experience if you wander too far off from the beach. Those currents can pull even an experienced swimmer to the sea, so it is no laughing matter. The safest place for a swim is marked here with red and yellow flags.

Useful info for swimmers and surfers at Tamarama Beach. When we walked by, all the flags were down. Still many people had a swim in the sea.

Of course the current is not the only thing to worry about. We have all heard of shark attacks happening to those unsuspecting swimmers and surfers. Even though the amount of attacks is relatively low to many other accidents that happen to people, it is still something to consider. This year there has been a spike in the statistics. Many of the Sydney beaches have shark nets installed, even Bondi. But a shark net is not the answer to all questions.

Many of the Sydney beaches we have seen also have an outdoor pool that is connected to the sea. The bigger waves bring a splash of new sea water into the pools all the time. There you can also have your swim in the salty water without the fear of strong currents or sea creatures wanting to have a taste of you. On Bondi you have to pay a small fee to get access to the pool, but for example on Bronte Beach is completely free.

Seawater pool on Bondi Beach
Bronte Beach and the seawater pool

We are still waiting to get a chance to try one. Maybe the next day when we both have a day off on a sunny day.

But the walk along the coastal is so much more than just beaches. It is also about the salty smell of the sea, the sun and the blue sky, the beautiful Australian nature. There is even an underwater nature trail on Gordon’s Bay, for anyone enjoying some snorkling.

They say that one picture tells more than thousand words. Since in this case one picture tells only a fraction of the truth, here is a few more than one. Maybe that way we can share at least a truthful image of what the Bondi to Coogee walk is like.

Some parts of the walk are on a well-maintained pathways.






Above is Clovelly Beach, that consists of concrete docks more than a sandy beach. It is also the only beach from Bondi to Coogee, where we saw you could have a proper swim without big waves.



And finally, Coogee Beach. Maybe half the size of Bondi and much more quiet.


To summarize: A lovely stroll along the coast. But something tells me that this is still just a glimpse of everything Down Under has to offer.



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