I kid you not.. eight O’s.

This area east from CBD surprised us both. These former docklands used to be a poorer working-class district of Sydney, not much remains of this due to new housing, restoration and renovation of the neighbourhood. Although some social housing remains.

The centre of attention would be Woolloomooloo bay, which includes the Finger Wharf building, the biggest wooden structure in the world. Saved by a demolition ban in 91, and locals blocking the entrance to the site, it still retains the original look and feel.



The building used to be an old wool export hub but now holds a luxury hotel, residential apartments (most notable resident is Russel Crowe) and a tsunami of high end seafood restaurants and bars.




It is surrounded by plenty of statues and contemporary art, including these iron sculptures by Bernar Venet. Which I have been lucky enough to see in Valencia, Marseille and Dublin as well.


We ended our trip passing by ‘Harry’s Cafe de Wheels’. This iconic pie cart opened in 1938, the owner served during World War II, during which time the cafe was not operational. The cart re-opened upon his return from the war in 1945. Lots of famous people have been here before us, including Frank Sinatra, Elton John, etc.


Elton John

Colonel Sanders



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