MCA Australia

Located on one of the world’s most spectacular sites on the edge of Sydney Harbour, The Rocks, this museum for contemporary arts uses a PWYW (pay what you want) pricing strategy. A welcome surprise, which makes cultural heritage more accessible for everyone.

The museum consists out of a somewhat older Art Deco-styled building, but was heavily renovated and restored on the inside during the nineties, funded by the University of Sydney. An extension to the museum was added and finished in 2012, designed by Sydney architect Sam Marshall.



We had the chance to visit two exhibitions, the first one had works of the young Sydney artist Matthys Gerber , who deliberately works with an array of contrasting styles. Pretty experimental indeed.




Primavera 2015, featuring the work of seven young Australian artists, is the exhibition I enjoyed most. It is an annual exhibition of artists aged 35 and under. This year, Primavera celebrates its 24th edition.

The artists work with sound, video and installations, these are meant to reflect the survival and revival of cultural production, Aboriginal art that is. Aboriginal art is still much alive and kicking, and is still valuable.


I had the feeling some of the artists used provocation in their artwork to raise awareness about the impact of the ‘first contact’ and generations of colonization on the  indigenous people of Australia. Others made it more subtle.



Knowing that The Rocks used to be the traditional lands of the Eora nation, makes you leave the museum with this weird feeling.



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