It has become a habit to visit Carriageworks Farmers Market every Saturday morning in Redfern. It’s a little treasure, promoting local produced food, once again a communal happening. A 10-minute walk from where we currently live.

The market is a meeting place, a place where people stop and chat to each other and the suppliers. A market which you are not rushing or fighting through the crowd, but instead take your time for some tastings and think of all the glorious recipes you could make back at home.


Carriageworks is much more than just a weekly market however. It is a contemporary multi-arts centre, and a music venue. The program is artist led and reflects Carriageworks’ dedication to embrace social and cultural diversity.

The distinctive nineteenth century industrial atmosphere of the former railway carriage and blacksmith workshops have been retained, with many heritage iron and brick details featured in the regeneration of the building.




We both love what they did with the place, the atmosphere and open spaces are rather welcoming, it’s always tempting to have a peek inside on our Saturday market trip. So far we have seen a live-action arts performance and attended a vinyl market there. Next up is to attend a concert.






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