Shark Bay to Watsons Bay

Monday, off day! Originally we were planning to visit an exhibition about DC Comics at the Powerhouse Museum, but the Sydney weather is very unpredictable. Thus when we woke up this morning, to our surprise we enjoyed glaring sun through the windows, and so we decided otherwise.


Better safe than sorry?

After an amazing day trip from Bondi to Coogee, we thought a 4-hour scenic walk along a different part of the Sydney coast would be a good idea. It sure was.

Different than Bondi: no backpackers to be spotted, some older generation tourists instead and overall a less crowded feeling to it. The whole area felt more authentic but definitely more expensive as well, with villas lined up nicely along the beach and lots of hidden small bays and beaches. Including a somewhat awkward located nude beach along historic gun emplacements.



Parsley Bridge


Lunch time at Watsons Bay, not a lot of choices when it comes down to restaurants, two of them to be exact. Both overly expensive and a somewhat disappointing food quality. The views however, made everything taste better, or maybe it were the refreshing glasses of Chardonnay?

We ended our walk at the iconic red and white striped Hornby Lighthouse, surrounded by magnificent views.



Hornby Lighthouse

The Lighthouse looked like a Moomin-house wrapped in candy paper! Anniina’s thoughts.






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