Our Furry Friends

A few pictures of our two roomies, who are a big part of our Sydney lives.





These two will now have to spend a little more time with themselves, now that both of their human roommates have jobs. I am getting ready to work from Tuesday to Sunday, Matte will be doing a normal week with five work days.

And like I said last time, things happens so fast here. Matte never received more information from his (thought-to-be) new job. In the end it did not matter. After writing the last blog post, there were surprising changes at his current work place. Due to those changes he was more than happy to continue working there, so there were no need for another job anymore.

Now we are hoping things to stay calm for a moment, so that we can just focus on making some bucks.

Time to take the roomies out for a walk, cheerio!



One thought on “Our Furry Friends

  1. They are so adorable puppies and roommates. And Matthias has now his own fan Molly (Iksu is very jealous.) Great pictures :) Keep going!


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