The Hunt

Everything happens so fast here. One day you think we have all figured out and the next day it is all different again.

Job hunting was definitely a bit more challenging than what we first expected. Landing a proper job – something that gives us enough hours to our rosters and coins to our accounts – has proven to be a challenge. While we both got signed to (different) recruitment agencies, it was not that easy. We both also felt really optimistic about them after the interviews, but so far we have received our job offers through another routes.

Coincidentally, me and Matte received our first trials on the same day. He went to his trial and landed his current job at the restaurant. I decided not the attend and chose to attend another interview.

The city of Sydney

The truth is, that those hours and days, when you do not hear anything of all the places you have applied to, are agonizing. Especially when your significant other is already working his butt off. Sometimes I felt like such a loser. Then came another day, when I received 3 phone calls. Then there were 3 days again without no contact.

The bad offers (paid under the legal minimum wage for example) made me feel conflicted: is it better to be without work and keep on trying, or be somewhere where you are being exploited, but at least you bring in some cash for the food?

The city of Sydney

When I finally landed my job, even just part-time, it was just such a huge relief. And to find out I was the only non-native English speaker to be chosen for a customer service position, out of so many applicants, made me feel even more appreciative of the job.

The city of Sydney

The key is to stay persistant. We did not write much about how frustrating the job hunt was for us at times. Luckily we had our desperate moments on different days – that way we took turns in keeping the spirits up. “All it takes is a one offer”, “It is normal it takes this long”, “Just give them a few days to read your resume and reply”.

After my first training day I looked up my phone and noticed I had received another invite to a job interview.

You just need to give it time and the opportunities will reveal themselves eventually.

And what is the change I mentioned in the beginning? Matte got a new job today. Now we are both paid a bit under average wage and only work 20-30 hours per week. But looks we both will be happy with our jobs, and in the end, that is what matters the most when you are on a working holiday.

That being said, we will both aim to get closer to 30-35 hours of work per week. Still need to figure out how to reach that goal.

The pictures in this post are not completely irrevant to the subject of this post. Every time we go to our jobs, we get to see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Quite a view, I must say.



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