Your average day off

Yesterday we enjoyed Matte’s day-off by doing the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. A lovely 6 km walk in the sun, exploring the Sydney beaches and the nature between them. We chose one of beaches to be our destination today, so that we would finally have our Aussie Beach Day.

So this is where will be heading now, Bronte Beach:

Bronte Beach and the sea water pool

25 degrees, sun and water 20 degrees. Could be worse! What a great day to enjoy our last day before us both having work on Wednesday.

That’s right, yesterday during our coastal walk I found out that I, along with a few others, had been chosen to be part of their team out of 150 applicants. Customer service and retail at least till January.

This was after all kinds of ridiculous offers. One place offered me casual employment with 12 AUD per hour, cash-in-hand. That means being paid greatly under the minimum wage, the company avoiding taxes and me being with a contract I would have very little rights or benefits. There was one a bit more promising call for a cafeteria work, but he wanted someone with working experience in Australia. So have to get work experience in Australia, before getting work in Australia…

The reality is that they have so many people to choose from, that they can afford being picky. Luckily it all worked out for me at least for a while.

Now time for some total relaxation.

Bronte Beach and the sea water pool

We will finish our awesome day-off today with 5 dollar pizzas. A month ago 1 AUD was about 0,63 euros to give you an idea. So to my Finnish family and friends: every Tuesday is a pizzagate day.



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