Our New Town

There is a lot of street art all around Sydney, but especially Newtown supports it.

We have now settled in to our temporary home in Newtown. The actual resident (awesome Matt) is now travelling himself and we are here to take care of his home and two lovely dogs. We live in a house build in 1800th Century. It is a charming house, and very traditional, since it is the most common house type we have seen in Sydney. There are plenty of room for us and the puppies.

And speaking of the furry friends:

Meet Sam.



Sam is an Australian cattle dog, also known as Blue Heeler. He is calm and composed, except when he gets excited over something: then it is fun to just run around aimlessly and dig holes into the ground. He loves fetching balls and giving kisses. Sam is deaf, which probably has something to do with him being the most indifferent about vacuum cleaners than any other dog I have met. It’s great. He knows many hand signs, that we use to communicate with him.

And this sweetie is Molly.



She is an Australian Kelpie. She is fun and super active, little ADD if you will. She especially enjoys the company of men, since if either Matthias or Matt is at home, she is hesitant to go on long walks with me. Molly loves food as much as her  own people, and enjoys getting a taste of random peoples picnic snacks if given the chance. Otherwise she walks mostly without a leash, since she is sweet and listens well.

Needless to say it has been fun to get an opportunity to get to know these two iconic Australian dog breeds.

What makes it even better is to enjoy the company of them while living like a local. Both of us still love Newtown. There are so many cool shops and restaurants. It is easy to get anywhere from here, but it is far enough from the city center to get a little quieter during night time.

Home street.
Home street.

People here are so friendly and they often like to change a few words. It does not feel forced at all and it keeps surprising us how genuine people can be. There is a wonderful community feeling in Newtown.

Lately Newtown has been considered to be a little more restless than it used to. It is due to new alcohol laws that were introduced in February 2014. The bars close up earlier in the city center, so Newtown is one of the suburbs where people go to continue their evening, at that point being hammered already. We still feel it is safe and enjoyable, even during busy late hours.

We were quite amazed to see this huge street art piece to be made only for one single festival.

There are all kinds of events happening in Newtown. So far we have experienced a food festival and last weekend we enjoyed the lovely atmosphere in Newtown Festival. Also a 5 minutes walk away from our home is an area called Carriageworks. There are old factory buildings that have been converted into an art space and a cafeteria. In addition, Carriageworks holds a hall that turns into a Farmer’s Market every Saturday. Matte will write a separate post of Carriageworks later this week. Until then, here is a sneak peek:


Have an awesome Wednesday!



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