Hire me, part 3

This week the hours spent on writing cover letters finally started to pay off.

As I am writing this, Matte is currently at work. His trial this morning went well and after a few hours break, he went back to do an evening shift. He will gain good experience in hospitality, but no doubt it is hard work. I am hoping it will get easier for him after a few weeks.

I ended up gambling a bit.

Yesterday I attended a massive group interview, also in the field of hospitality. It went well and I got a trial at a restaurant. But suddenly I found myself having to choose from doing the trial or going to an interview at a recruitment agency. After pondering my options I chose not to go to the trial and pursue temporary, administrative work instead.

Now that the interview is done, I feel hopeful. I already signed a contract and now the agency will try to find me some admin or data entry work to do. I did some tests (Word, Excel, typing, data entry) and received such positive feedback about my results, that at least short assignments feels likely to happen. Only time will tell if my gamble paid off.

But I now have a safety net. Shortly after my interview at the agency, I received an invitation to an interview for a retail position.

Nothing in certain yet, but I definitely feel a bit more optimistic about everything. Renewing my CV seems to have worked and I am glad I did it.

By the way, I finally got an answer to what I would have had to do for the “one hour of work for 200-400 AUD”, since the guy sent me another email. It would be as simple as letting them take one picture of me with only underwear on. I would not even have show my face in the picture.

Easy money, eh?


leaves in yellow, red and orange, here the pavements are covered by those purple flowers.
Instead of Autumn leaves in yellow, red and orange, here the pavements are covered by those purple flowers.

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