Trew World Order

I should have written this a week ago, but didn’t have the chance yet due to busy job hunting days.

I reckon it’s very common to associate Sydney with the Opera House, and rightfully so. No matter what direction you look at the white “shells”, they are nothing less than impressive, it is a true one of a kind theatre. Though its name suggests a single venue, the project comprises multiple performance venues which together are among the busiest performing arts centres in the world.

The Sydney Opera House opened on  20 October 1973 and was designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon. It features a modern expressionist design, a lot of concrete structures and solid wooden panels.  A building which will withstand the test of time.



Photos from the exterior will definitely follow once we have our DSLR with us on a sunny day.

On my 28th birthday, my lady arranged us tickets for the new Russel Brand show: Trew World Order. At the Sydney Opera House I must add.


Who is Russel Brand?

An actor, comedian and writer. Russell Brand is famous for his controversial comments and stunts, past struggles with addiction and his short-lived marriage to singer Katy Perry. Personally, my interest grew due to his daily vlogs on youtube: The Trews, in which he “analyses the news, truthfully, spontaneously and with great risk to his personal freedom.” In addition to news analysis, he regularly has guests on the show, including economists, journalists and activists.

I highly enjoyed my evening out. Russel Brand is a master in entertainment and knows how to involve the audience. He left no topic untouched, from US presidential candidate Donald Trump to the biased media empire of Rupert Murdoch. The venue, Sydney Opera House, made it all that more special. Thank you, my best-est girlfriend so far, for the wonderful night out. (disclaimer: no one forced me to write this *cough*)



We ended the evening with a rather awkward moment including a french horn and Russel walking out of the Opera House through the front gates surrounded by groupies. Some of whom yelled “Marry me, Russel!”.

What a night.




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