Too good to be true

So far I have received three job offers/invites to an interview.

First one was a vague ‘Are you a people person and can make anyone to buy stuff they did not originally want? We have the best team and you are going to have so much “fun” at work that it’s crazy’. No proper information of what the work includes, so that mostly means aggressive cold sales and an uncertain salary based on your performance.

Second offer arrived in the form of a text message. I got invited to an interview the next day. Again, the message was vague without even the company’s name. Googling and little detective work revealed to me it would be telemarketing.

The third offer was the most interesting one. Apparently I could get 200 to 400 Aussie dollars in just one hour. The man on the e-mail told me it is a perfect job for a backpacker and you even do not need any experience.
How wonderful is that!



Matte actually got a proper interview at a recruitment agency. He was also offered a full-time job for two weeks, but waiting 15 minutes before calling back cost him to lose the opportunity. It is indeed a ruthless world out here.

We still remain optimistic that both of us will find something. Something, that does not require any sexy-time for 200-400 dollars.


Me with our dogs, Sam and Molly in Sydney Park
Me with our dogs, Sam and Molly, in Sydney Park

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