Extreme Gelato

Earlier today we realised it’s “almost” Christmas. 21 degrees, sunny weather, clear skies: welcome to Australia. Definitely a change of what we are both used to this time of the year: cloudy, grey, falling leaves and even scarves (for those in Finland).

I decided it was time for an ice scream t0 celebrate the simple fact we are in Sydney, Australia. Both of us mention it at least once a day, ‘we are in Sydney’. I guess, even after three weeks, we sometimes still don’t fully realise that we are actually here.

And so we entered an ice scream establishment, here in Newtown. The brand, N2, which we remembered seeing during our early days in Sydney: we passed their other shop in Chinatown district and were both wondering why it had such a massive queue.

The tastes have the most wacky/wild/exotic/quirky bizzarre names.
To our surprise, there was also only one size available, a single scoop for 7-9 AUD, about 5 euros. That scoop however is more than enough for any ice cream lover.


N2 you ask? Well, the brand get his name from the process, Liquid Nitrogen, they use to make the ice scream right in front of your eyes. Very unique, something we have never seen before. More information on how they do it can be found on their website: http://n2extremegelato.com.au/

When ice cream meets chemistry, N2 is one of a kind, I must admit.


Worth a blog post? Definitely.



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