The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Last week we started looking for a job, Anniina is mostly looking for an administrative or retail jobs, while I’m looking for both an administrative or hospitality job.
Easier said than done. We have been using all kinds of jobsites; gumtree, indeed, , you name it.

Spending hours on different cover letters each time you apply for a different job, adapt the resume a tiny bit so it fits the job description to increase our chances. So far no luck, not even a single job interview. But Rome wasn’t built in one day either. We keep our hopes up.

A brief example of the requirements you need for your  average reception job:


Say what? Australians seem to like to colour it up quite a bit indeed.

How about a Guest Service Agent (a fancy word for a hotel receptionist) job? You would reckon having decent knowledge of 3 languages and some Finnish words would give me that edge. Not unless you have at least years of experience in a 5-star luxury hotel or other high end environment.

And to work as a barista, you will need a minimum of 1-2 years experience and have plenty of latte-art skills. A Polish friend who worked in London as barista for a year, explained us how they measured the amount of froth (thickness of the foam) on a latte. She didn’t pass the test. Sigh.

Working Holiday visas aren’t appreciated much either.
Nonetheless, plenty of time to ponder about how to get a job in Sydney.

So far the Bad and the Ugly.


The Good?

Many people here are so wonderful and helpful. They will be happy to tell tips or cheer on with the job hunting. Many people have actually told us that they got some of their jobs from just talking to people: random possibilities appeared out of nowhere. We, too, have experienced this warmth and hospitalitiness of Australians. We will see if it leads to a job! Even if not, the acts of kindness from strangers is heartwarming.

A good thing is also the fact there are so much work available. Apparently if you can do construction work, you will have a job in no time. With other fields it is not as simple, but there are still plenty of work available. Gumtree and other job sites are filled up with job adds about all kinds of work around Sydney. There are hundreds of “We are hiring” signs all over the city. Summer and Christmas season (slowly getting used to talking about them in the same context) are just about to begin, which means a lot of temporary and casual jobs. Our timing to find work is perfect.

We just need to find a way to sell our experience in a way that it translates to Australian employers.

And one day we will both land a job that will help us to achieve our after-Sydney goals.

Until that happens, we are doing our best to enjoy the wonderfulness of Sydney and its people.



One thought on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Veel geluk! Onnea matkaan! Good luck! Bon courage! Lycka till! (You have at least five languages, you can’t be bad :))


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