Paddington Love Affair

Last Saturday we went to explore Paddington. It is more cute and charming neighbourhood compared to the bohemian and hipster Newtown and Surry Hills we have got used to. Houses in Paddington are generally in better shape and more alike, the shops are a bit more exlusive with designer boutiques, and it is a fitting place for art galleries. For some reason we spotted a large quantity of wedding boutiques, more than we have seen anywhere else in Sydney.

The area also contains an active army base, Victoria Barracks, which were build during 1841-1848. We only had a small peek through the gates, since sivilians are only allowed in on guided tours on Thursdays.

We were also lucky to find something we had not expected. Straight after stepping off from the bus we encountered William Street Festival.




The whole street was decorated with flowers, colourful paper decorations and balloons. There were also several places where you could just sit and hang out either on comfy beanbags or bright pink inflatable air mattresses.

The small stores on William street had really invested on their decorations and displays of their products. Everyone took part in it, which made the Festival area as charming as it was. While browsing the selection of the shops, or just enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, you could listen good music or grap a mug of freshly squeezed lemonade.



After walking the festival area through we walked around in Paddington. Five Ways has a nice selection of cafes. We ended up having brunch at a vegetarian cafe with some halloumi burgers.


After the brunch we went to relax in Paddington Reservoir Gardens. It is a creative re-used space of an abandoned water reservoir. It ceased the water supply in 1899 and was after that used as a petrol station among other things. But in 2009 it was opened again as a space for citizens to enjoy and use. The re-imagined space has also been aclaimed for its urban design and architecture.

It is amazingly quiet area. There are different kind of chairs for people to hang out and even a free Wifi spot, which suits the urban feeling.


Anyone at home who might have been wondering
Anyone at home who might have been wondering “have she finally got some tan on?”: I can tell you that no, I am still too pale for the camera to handle.

We chose Saturday for our trip because that is when the infamous Paddington Markets take place. Markets have been around from 1973 with the intention to promote local designers and arts. Nowadays the products might not be local, but still everything should be Australian designed and made.




Our original plan was to go to Bondi Beach, but we decided to skip that for a later time. Bondi Beach is famous for many things, but also for being packed with people. We will rather go there when it is a weekday with “just” 20-24 degrees or so. I am very happy with going to Paddington instead.

Although, there still has been no place in the whole of Sydney I would not have enjoyed.

So mom, everything is superb.



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