Coffee time

I didn’t like coffee before, but my experience at the barista course organised by Black Market Roasters swayed my opinion.
You would think the son of a coffee lover (addict has such a negative sound to it), would prefer the bitterness of coffee over a healthy tea, but that for sure was not the case.

Anniina and myself had a wonderful time at this rather private course, only 4 persons attend at a time. We were guided by Jessica, whom has so much knowledge about the coffee beans, processes behind it, and just making a formidable fresh coffee. I enjoyed the professional guidance throughout this course a lot.

We went through some theory behind coffee and coffee making, which was rather interesting. For example differences between the Robusta and Arabica beans got covered. And for me as wine lover, it was definitely interesting to hear the similarities in processing and aroma profiling.

On a side note, this is what a coffee tree looks like (picture from www).


Yes, really.

During the 3-hour course, we had plenty of time to make our own coffees as well and learn to use this rather impressive machine.
Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Flat White, you name it. The art of coffee making lies in the little details.



I truly enjoyed the process of making coffee. I could have done it all day. Maybe I should take a follow-up course about etching techniques? Who knows!



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