Busy Bees


We have now been in Australia nearly one week. I have to say it feels like a much longer time. We have arranged so many, more or less necessary, things during the past week. We have walked so much that my legs feel like wooden logs and Matthias is currently resting beside me with an ice pack on his ankle.

And it is still not enough.

So far we have opened bank accounts, bought new SIM-cards, applied for tax file numbers, tried to learn our Aussie phone numbers, explored the city and the neighborhoods, bought Opal cards for public transportation (matkakortti / MTB abo), sent excess clothes back home, attended a RSA course that we need to work in bars and other venues with alcohol, enrolled on a barista coffee making class (tomorrow!), getting membership to Newtown’s movie theatre, transferred our luggage to the next apartment, and browsed job opportunities a bit.

We still need to get Medicare cards for possible doctor’s visit, Matthias still needs to write (Matte wanted to point out, that it only needs translating) his CV, we both still need to find a place to print our CV:s, and we still need to move our luggage twice before we can settle for a moment. Oh yeah, then there is the overall job hunting waiting for us.

And the thing is with all of the above: the amount of time we have spent researching into all of this, comparing different options and trying to find the right places, have taken maybe even more time than the actions itself. It would have been a lot faster, if we would have had a proper WIFI. Our current AirBnb was not a huge success (dead cockroach and dirt in the fridge says it all), and we are happily moving on.

But we managed to see some street art due to all the travelling around. We will post pictures of that later on. We have also walked around a lot, but so far without a proper camera. At some point we are going to write more about industrial Sydney, since there are a lot of buildings from that era, and we are fascinated by them.

We hope this settles down soon, so that we will have more time to properly explore the city and museums and restaurants and cafes and movie theatres and zoos and everything the wonderful Sydney has to offer. And of course, spend a day or two at the beach, which we have not even seen yet. Planning to have a day off at the beach on Saturday.

Can’t go wrong with free 90’s arcade games

On a side note, currently McDonalds has a big campaign with a Monopoly theme, and FYI, he loves his Monopoly. When you buy something from Maccas (Australian nickname for the chain), you will get tickets that might give you instant wins (we got a ticket to the zoo and a free hamburger). We could even win a jet ski. So, I guess after all of this explaining it should make total sense to you why Matte was so eagerly going through trans cans at Maccas. Right?

Time for a schooner. Cheers!




One thought on “Busy Bees

  1. I wouldn’t like to see an Aussie cockroach, dead or alive. So, should I put the package which you’ve sent home first to sauna? :D

    Otherwise sounds good, take care!


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