My Newtown

What I love about Newtown is the communal atmosphere. Add plenty of good hipster-bars and food hotspots , in all tastes and flavours, and you have a wonderful combination.

It’s weird to see someone just randomly picking up a conversation with people who are walking by, about anything really. Guess I’m not used to it, in Brussels you try to focus on the people you already know and try not to make eye contact, let alone speak with anyone else on the streets. You might actually get punched in the face.

Yesterday we attended the Newtown Good Food Fair, where local bars, restaurants and breweries had their own little stalls. We have been lucky to meet awesome Matt and his dogs through Couchsurfing and he has been showing us around Newtown. And it was through him we heard about this event too.



In addition to this urban hipster town feeling, there are plenty of parcs as well. There we will be able to walk “our” dogs; Sam and Molly. And enjoy a picnic once in a while, if the dogs don’t run off with our food. Pictures definitely to be seen in a later blogpost.

Newtown is a lively town with plenty of things to do and see. Want to listen to some Jazz (on a cemetery)? Maybe watch an indie movie? Have a dose of thrift shopping? A place where street art is allowed and promoted, not blindfoldingly considered as vandalism.

Newtown has it all.

This is where we will stay for over 3 months, a green suburb within a 15 minute walk of Darling Harbour, Sydney.




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