Urban Gem

Early in the morning we went to walk on a sky-high pedestrian bridge which connects two nature parks. First thought which crossed my mind was “funny, this looks like a giant DNA string”, upon a closer look however it was a good sample of modern architecture. Singapore is filled with these little masterpieces; Foster, Wilford and Safdie are no strangers in this urban gem.

Henderson Waves by RSP Architects
Henderson Waves by RSP Architects


Esplanade Theatre by Michael Wilford
Esplanade Theatre by Michael Wilford


Supreme Court by Norman Foster
Supreme Court by Norman Foster


An afternoon in Little India, we didn’t have enough time to visit this colourful quarter of the city. And at least one of us wasn’t dressed to visit Hindu temples. But who knows, we might see a lot more of these temples covered in all sorts of 4-armed deities.

You can tell that this area is rather distant from the city centre, lots of warnings for pickpocketing, as well as random garbage on the streets and no police to be seen. However, it’s only a matter of time before this area completely transforms due to the wealth of inner Singapore.

Tons of cheap looking stores, which sell all kinds of (fake) jewelry, the latest AaiPhone by Pear and random phone accessories. There was this small market in a sidestreet which was rather authentic and had a good vibe going on.

Sri Krishnan Temple
Sri Krishnan Temple


After Little India and a final visit to our apartment, we headed off to Singapore airport. It is an awarded airport, of course, with a botanical and cactus garden. It also has movie theatres, rooftop pool, spa and a “social tree”, which is an loose imitation of the Supertrees in the Garden of the Bay.

The social tree allows the visitors to play games and leave messages to other travellers using their own social media profiles. With innovative solutions and luxury brands, the airport is a good representation of what the city itself has to offer.

Now we have left the luxury behind and are “Down under”.

Matte & Anniina


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