Life is a beach

First day in Singapore was an easy day with a stroll in the city and drinks in a pleasant cafe. Nothing too active, since especially Anniina was feeling the jet lag.


We also ate in two Hawker Centres, of which Singapore is so famous of. These are hubs filled with small food stalls with a wide selection of food, mostly Asian of course. First we visited a more posh Hawker Center in the mids of the business area, but the second one was less fancy and more authentic (and a bit cheaper).

Telok Ayer Hawker Centre
Maxwell Hawker Centre

Today the jet lag was almost gone and especially the man of the party was feeling as energetic as always. Since the weather has been cloudy the whole we have been in Singapore, we decided to leave the camera home and do activities where the camera might just be in the way.

We had a breakfast at home (on a side note, there is an indoor pool at the lobby) and headed out to Sentosa Island, that is a popular resort for the locals and tourists. It is easy to lose all your money and throw the budget out of the window, if you are not being careful.

On our way to the island we got reminded of how cautious people from Singapore are. There are many rules and laws to be obeyed. To encourage people to behave, there are also many awards given out.

There is a twig on the ground, so the area has been surrounded with a fence. Also, “We apologize for the inconveniece caused”.
The Happy Toilet award by the Restroom Association of Singapore is serious business.

The island is rather artificial, but we had a good time. We went there to foremost visit the Universal Studios theme park. The price is a steep one, as expected, but also the quality of the theme park was better than expected. The rides are carefully build around each movie they are representing, and offered surprises all around. We visited the park off-season, but there were still plenty of people in the line, so we ended up buying an express pass to skip the lines. We thought it was worth the money, since we got to experience more in the little time we had.

And being the geeks we are, it was easy to enjoy the movie surroundings.


Red one (easier) for the humans, blue one (wilder with loops) for the cylons. We, of course, chose to be cylons.


When the theme park was closed, we took our time to walk around Sentosa Island and explore it after sunset. The whole island is filled with light installations. Again, it is very fake, but still an impressive experiense. We were also tempted by doing all kinds of activities on the island (indoor surfing, indoor skydiving and ziplines), but since the starting price for most was about 35 Singapore dollars (about 22 euros) we decided not to.



We ended our Sentosa day trip to a candlelight dinner ON the beach, our bare feet buried in the smooth, silky sand. Needless to say, we enjoyed our glasses of Chardonnay. Cloudy weather aside, we thought it was an amazing day.

12067855_10153647435376737_63656855_n 12067901_10153647435406737_699559348_n


3 thoughts on “Life is a beach

  1. Looks like Nemo-food there, Matthias.
    But then without that annoying James-Bond movie in the background.

    Enjoy life while travelling folks!


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