Dear Sweden

Dear Sweden,

I met you for the very first time a few years ago, you did leave a positive impression on me.

Second time around I brought your enemy, Suomi, with me. Remember 2011.

We decided it would be a great start for an amazing year.

Stockholm, the capital city of Scandinavia. It has a certain charm, one that even a Finn can’t deny. And although there’s a “feud” between both of you, I’m sure deep inside you share a kindred spirit.

You did not disappoint us.

We slept in a (rather luxury) boat, enjoyed a secluded breakfast in the captain’s quarters and had superb weather.

Stuffed our belly at Berns, a brunch-walhalla, located at a hall of grandeur.

Walked our feet off in Djurgarden, a peaceful green island where your mind comes at ease.

Gazed at the Vasa in awe, a well-preserved 17th century galleon, truly unbelievable.

Sweden, we had a great time, but now it is time to move on.
Singapore here we come!

Much love,


(2011 is a reference to the WC ice hockey, where Finland won against Sweden, 6-1)


2 thoughts on “Dear Sweden

  1. Noooooo! Matthias turned now to a Swedish, instead of a Finnish. Sweden is a nice country, but not that nice :D


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