The start

At least two times per day, Matthias starts a sentence with “On a scale of ten…”. But since being able to travel is a clear 10 per se, we decided that this blog has to have a more pompous scale than just plain numbers. Thus, “On a scale of awesome”.

We are writing this blog to preserve memories and little moments we might forget otherwise. We are writing this blog to later remember that travelling comes with ups and down, and it’s part of the experience. We are writing this blog to let our friends and family know how we are doing. And if a stranger finds our travels interesting, welcome.

Matthias with Keith Haring in Barcelona.
Keith Haring in Barcelona.

If you happen to be someone we don’t already know, here’s a little something of us: We are a couple travelling together. Matthias is from Belgium, I am from Finland. So far we have lived in different countries, so this is the first time we’ll spend time together more than a week at a time.

2015-04-09 18.12.15
We do a lot of selfies. Consider yourselves warned.

Our travel plan so far: 2nd of October Stockholm. That’s where we’ll meet and sleep for one night. On Saturday we’ll leave for Singapore, where we will arrive after 25 hours of travelling. Me, Anniina, especially is so not looking forward to that, so on a scale of awesome, that part can’t even find a place on the scale. Oh well. In Singapore we will spend 3 nights, and that we both are heavily looking forward to. After that 8 hours flight and we will arrive to Sydney, Australia. The ultimate destination this time. We are hoping to stay in Sydney till the beginning of February. After that, everything is possible.

A trip to Hanko in July 2015.
A trip to Hanko in July 2015.

Right now feeling excited, nervous, happy, scared, overjoyed, and foremost just ready to go.

On a scale of awesome, this is pretty awesome.



2 thoughts on “The start

  1. Go and have a journey of a lifetime! I’m already peeking at flight prices on Skyscanner… ;D They terrify me, but don’t make me not want to come to see you guys! We’ll see….


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